Should I Use Creatine – Find Out if Creatine is for You

Should I Use Creatine?Thousands of people from teens looking for an edge in high school athletics to seniors hoping to stay and feel young as well as many other people are asking themselves, “Should I Use Creatine?”

The answer to whether or not you should use creatine supplements often comes down to what benefits you are looking for as well as the cost/benefit analysis. If you’re looking to add muscle mass, you probably already know it’s a good idea to add a creatine supplement, but there are additional reasons to add creatine to your workout regimen.

Experts and researchers have helped us understand more about taking creatine and when and why we should or should not use it. There are also specific things you should be doing if you’re considering a creatine supplement. Before using creatine, it’s important to understand taking a creatine supplement should never be used as a replacement for proper nutrition or proper and regular training. Without the right nutrition and training, you shouldn’t be using a creatine supplement.

To know if you should be using a creatine supplement consider what benefits you’re looking for.

Are You Looking to Build Muscle?

If you’re looking to build muscle, the answer to should I use creatine, is pretty easy. Most people already understand how significant the benefits of creatine can be for helping to build muscle. The energy creatine supplies to the muscle indirectly helps build muscle as it increases energy available to the muscles to help increase your strength and muscle’s stamina.

build muscle

This process helps you perform better during high intensity, short physical activities such as weight training and sprints.

Are you Concerned with Recovering after Intense Workouts?

When it comes to working out along with any high intensity physical activities, it’s almost impossible to avoid muscle soreness. But with creatine, you can speed the time it takes to recover from the muscle soreness. This process is also help for building more muscle or increasing stamina as it help you return to the gym, field or track faster.

build muscle

Creatine aids with muscle recovery to help you get in more effective workouts more often. Studies indicate creatine can even help reduce muscle cell damage and inflammation following intense exercise to reduce the wear and tear on the muscles.

Do You Want to Add Weight?

While millions of men are looking to lose weight, millions of other men would like to add pounds. With proper nutrition and exercise, Creatine can help individuals add lean muscle mass to increase their weight. When used with a high-protein diet, creatine is considered one of the best supplements for adding mass.

build muscle

As mentioned above, creatine also provides increased energy to the muscle cells to help with additional reps and lifting more weight. This process only adds the ability of creatine to help you increase your weight.

Do You Want to Prevent Muscle Loss?

Muscle loss may not be a problem for teens or even for anyone in their 20s, but as we age, the likelihood of muscle loss increases. Weight training can combat the muscle loss to a degree. Additional creatine can even further limit the muscle loss you see as you age. Creatine helps build strong, lean muscle to keep your body functioning the right way.

Want to Sharpen Your Mind?

Studies in the last decade indicate Creatine can enhance brain function. While the muscle-building benefits are widely known, the ability of creatine to increase memory and improve overall brain function is often one of the most impressive benefits of additional creaitne in your diet.

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Research continues on the benefits of creatine related to the brain but it’s believed the energy creatine supplies to the entire body also benefits the brain. In studies, creatine is regularly credited as improving short-term memory.

The benefits of taking creatine extend beyond simple mass and muscle building, research has shown creatine can help in numerous ways including:

Promotes Increased Mass
Increases in Muscle Fiber Sze
Enhances Strength and Power
Improves Sprint Speed
Enhances High-Intensity Workouts
Promotes Enhanced Brain Function and Improves Memory
Speeds Muscle Recovery
Increases Bone Health

From this list you can see, creatine is much more beneficial than simply increased muscle and added mass. Creatine is one of the premier overall supplements.

Getting the Most out of a Creatine Supplement

While Creatine has numerous benefits, you can answer the question, should I use creatine for yourself. If you decide creatine is right for you, it’s important to note not all creatine is the same. There are multiple forms of creatine that offer different benefits.

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